Trivento is a large Argentine winery that belongs to the Chilean holding company Concha y Toro. This brand has experienced significant growth since they started their business 17 years ago: today their wines are found in more than 130 countries around the world. Establishing uniform communications for a brand whose consumers come from very different places and cultures is a great challenge. Our mission was to submit an Online Branding Guide that ensured consistent visual and written content in all of the brand’s online platforms. This document works as a guide to make sure that the essence of Trivento’s brand is known and observed by all the members of the company. This file contains an array of graphic and written examples that describe the best tools that can be used to express Trivento’s vision and promote its wine ranges and winemakers. In the first phase of this project we thoroughly interviewed the key members of the company. Then, we delivered a diagnosis after analyzing the vision, the mission and the competition of Trivento and developing our target and our value proposition. After analyzing Trivento’s social media performance and online communications we completed their Online Branding Guide.